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My Basic Data


Medical biology at laboratory of biochemistry and molecular biology  - Medical Centre of Postgraduate Education (finished full-time PhD studies, before dissertation defense)
Molecular biology at laboratory of cell biology – Jagiellonian University ( – first higher education

Chemical Technology & Engineering – Cracow University of Technology (Eng.) – second higher education

Doctoral research under the supervision of promoter: professor Alicja Nauman, Ph.D, Medical Centre for Postgraduate Education; in cooperation with Molecular Endocrinology Group, Division of Medicine & MRC Clinical Sciences Centre, Imperial, College London; doctoral dissertation title: The influence of UnTranslated Regions (UTRs) on expression of T3-dependent nuclear thyroid hormone receptor ß1 (TRß1) in human clear cell renal cell carcinoma (ccRCC),
focused on translational control in cancers and new genetic methods for gene (suppressors) expression enhancement.

Main skills in:
Molecular biology, biochemistry & cell biology
Medical biology and Molecular medicine
Chemical technology & engineering (Light organic synthesis - DNA/RNA)
BioPharmaceutics & Biotechnology Market
Coordination of Biomedical and Financial projects
Cancer research & Cancer gene therapy
Experienced in:
Elaboration and implementation of new technologies  in Molecular biology, Gene therapy, Gene silencing, Gene activation, Gene enhancing, Laboratory genetics in Molecular medicine,
cancer research,
cancer gene therapy, genetic engineering, genetics, bioinformatics, genomics, transcriptomics,
proteomics, chemical technology and engineering, bio-farmaceutics.
Methods & technologies:
RNAi/RNAa (ASOs, siRNAs, saRNAs, miRNA, synthetic as well as vectore-based systems)
Recombinant-protein engineering (bacterial and mammalian systems),epigenetics, new bio-farmaceutics based on nucleic acid molecules, 
laboratory diagnostics: sequencing, SNP, STR, mtDNA analysis, gene expression (Real-Time PCR, Microarrays).
DNA/RNA synthesis, medical genetic diagnostics, paternity testing, genetic identification,
microarray analysis.
Cancer research: translational control, especially in 5'UTR, gene expression analysis including quantitative RealTime-PCR methods (many ... ), protein expression - in vitro (RTS) and cell culture systems, fluorescence microscopy, cell biology, morhometrics, laser microscopy (PALM system), histochemistry and cell cultures  
Chemical synthesis and bio-synthesis of DNA, RNA and derivatives including protein-nucleic acid compounds.
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